Transmission Repair in Copperfield, Texas - North Houston

Transmission issues can be cumbersome, not to mention costly. When transmission issues pop up, you want a transmission shop you can rely on—with affordable pricing and quality products.


At Honest-1 Auto care in Copperfield, we are your local experts in diagnosing transmission problems. Whether it’s replacing transmission fluid or doing a complete transmission overhaul, we can service all your transmission repair needs. Bring your vehicle down or call us to schedule a convenient appointment. Our expert mechanics will inspect your car and give you a free quote!

How Best to Maintain Your Transmission

There are several things a car owner should know about a vehicle’s transmission to ensure it’s running smoothly, so costly problems are not a factor in the future.


  • For smooth operation of your vehicle, transmission, fluid is needed to lubricate, cool, clean, and provide necessary hydraulic pressure
  • The optimal temperature a transmission needs to operate is 175 degrees. Any higher and the fluid life begins to deteriorate. 
  • Your fluid changes from bright red to brown with higher temps. This is called oxidation
  • Varnish will begin to form on internal parts in the valves when it gets too hot, as heat destroys the lubricating qualities of the fluid
  • Rubber seals will begin to harden if temps reach higher than 250 degrees; this leads to pressure loss from internal leaks. Once that occurs, the transmission quits

We Offer Three Transmission Services

At Honest-1, we offer three transmission services to fulfill your auto needs: Basic, Preferred, and Supreme. Inquire about each service when you contact us.

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